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Polish leather weak ankle navy sturdy pronation high boots

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Brands Kopecki

Product Code: Andrea Navy

  • SKU: 55-14578952
  • Sturdy ankles support boots in navy leather.
    Quality navy leather Polish ankle boots.
    Decorated with small hearts. 
    Weak ankles and foot pronation.
    High arch, ankle support best leather used and made in Poland.
    Polish made leather boots for kids
    Cute and well made Polish made leather boots for girls
    Universal for any season - support at its best.
    Ankle supportive preventive for pronation made out of best Polish leather.
    Only kind that children wear in any European country and they end up with well shaped feet and great posture.
    Shoes worn as a child affect every part of your body as entire body gait is support by feet.
    Imagine if feet are pronated deformed and collapsed ankles
    How does one feet and posture become supported - they are not and after that back, knees, shoulders every part of the body becomes affected
    Then by the age 30 when still young person will experience pain in feet, posture back knees.
    It is all caused by wearing low quality shoes as a child.

    Sturdy ankle support boots for ankle pronation

    High top orthopedic ankle support boots


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    Kira 2019-12-06 15:47:48

    Lovely and they hold up well, good support in them too.