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Posture corrective sandals for flat feet

Posture corrective sandals for flat feet
Baby high back supportive sandals for a child.
Yes, they support child's feet, ankles, arches and whole posture.
They are designed and manufactured in Europe with orthopedic requirements present.
In Europe all footwear for kids with regulated and only orthopedic.
They have it all, all best for young walkers.
Try them - fantastic little sandals for kids.
Closed toe style, velcro closure, soft soles and great ortho arches present.
Proper new walkers for a small baby.
Reinforced ankle support that will keep ankles straight and aligned.
Orthopedic arches present with none sweat soles so child will walk in them comfortably.
Closed toe for toe protection.
Type of a sandal that every child wears in Europe and ends up as a teen with perfect feet and posture.

Baby high back supportive sandals for a child

Soft sole baby walking sandals


N.C - San Francisco, CA  -  07/10/2021

I love those little sandals. Cute and well made for a child. They adjust well on the instep so you can make them as tight or loose as you like. Lovely pink color that matches every outfit we do have. Wonderful, quality product for a child.

Renata C from NJ  -  28/07/2021

Great shoes, fit and arch support. Those are super soft, cute and easy to slip on. My baby walks in them perfectly. 10 stars....

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