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Pronation fix best kids sandals
High in the back
, heel supported reinforced with leather
No blisters ever no sweat ever despite being so high.
Leather is breathable material designed for footwear
Will keep the foot aligned in the packet of the style.
Flat foot
best support high top sandals
Made out white leather with pink accent.
Decorated with leather flowers.
Best for wide high instep feet toddler
High visible arches.
No smelly feet in those shoes ever as they offer anti-smell soles
They absorb the smell from child's foot and filtrate it.
Try them for your child - they will be ultra comfortable for young walkers.

Flat foot best support high top sandals

Leather shoes for a child with pronation


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Mary Ann from Houston 2016-09-28 01:47:15

Well, superior sandals with actual support you can see....made huge difference in my daughters falling arches and tip-toe walking. Expensive but for a reason....quality leather, well made, measured right and not made in China! My daughter wore them literally to death for 6 months everyday she still wears them now but they a bit too small. Ordered a closed style shoe and she likes them as well. Good support, fit and I can see why the price is so high since the quality is there and effect on my kids feet was immediate...foot doctor loved them too.....thanks,