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Pronation high top black leather snow boots for girls

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Brands Kopecki

Product Code: Chmura Black

  • SKU: 77-58568963
  • Pronation high top boots for girls.
    Ankle support best with proper reinforced heel.
    Any snow boot from Europe is never soft in the back at the heel
    There is a reason for it.
    Ankles will collapse if they are soft at the heel.
    That is why UGS boots causing kids to develop pronation and collapsed ankles (see images)
    Those boots have zero ankle support and they are soft in the back
    Soles of them are also wide with no arch support causing feet to pigeon toe over time.
    They are absolute worst boots that you can buy for a child.

    That is why stay with proven European boots for child that does offer support.
    Those are made out of black ecological leather decorated with adorable flowers.
    Zip close.
    Waterproof and snow proof since they lined with gortex and fleece.
    Arches present in the soles and lined with wool so they are warm and waterproof
    Good walking rubber soles

    Boots with wool for a toddler girls

    The best quality leather boots for kids


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    Leslie from Aurora 2015-01-05 04:22:17

    Just bought them in Hinsdale since we have snow coming tomorrow. Nice wool inside, flexible sole with traction and they are pretty. They are nicely made and not clunky. My daughter does not drag feet in those but walks great. I got hooked on those shoes in Summer since I came first time with my friend who drives all the way from Aurora every 6 months. She swears by those shoes and she keep buying them for all her kids. I taught that it was kind of insane to pay that much for kids shoes but her kids walk straight and none of them are pigeon toed. My daughter is and my son is as well. She keep telling me that it is from the cheap shoes but I did not wanted to belive her. Visit that store - those people will educate you about the shoes and point out all the defect that kid has during walking. They do not try to up sell or push you into anything, they tell you honestly what fits and what it does not. I like that - being honest and explaining to the client.