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Brand: Kopecki

Product Code: California Purple

Purple girls ankle sandals with high closed back

Purple girls sandals with high closed back.
Ankle support with proper heel support that children need.
Supination and pronation effective best sandals for a girl.

The sandals feature flexible, anatomic sole.
They will test great in hot weather, humid temperatures where child's feet will never seat or smell.
Cute and well made girls high tops.
This is a style and type of sandal that it is suggested for every child in Europe by every pediatrician.
Europe only produces orthopedic sandals for their kids.
Sandals are viewed as foot support and developmental tool for kids feet and posture.
Sandals have to be quality so kids feet will be supported at all times.
Children in Europe do not wear any rubber, plastic or none supportive sandals since they would deform their feet.
Every pediatrician and foot doctor will tell parent that so none is sold in any store, only leather best shoes and sandals.
They are expensive in Europe as well since local companies pay employees living wages.
Best materials are used for production of those sandals and shoes.
Try them they last entire season and your child's foot will be supported.

Good support sandals for girls

Flexible walking shoes for kids


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