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Purple house shoes for a child from Europe.

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Manufacturer Kopecki

Product Code: 45145258

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    Purple house shoes for a child from Europe.
    European high top canvas shoes.

    Slippers for a baby girl decorated with a cute flower.
    Side metal clip that stabilizes the foot and keeps the shoes on.
    In Europe kids wear them as house shoes or canvas shoes in summer months.
    Support in them is exactly the same as in leather shoes since they are orthopedic
    Profiled soles, leather arches inside and baby's feet is in heel supportive position at all times.
    Those little shoes were designed and improved over the years by orthopedic doctor in Europe
    Now, there is over 40 shoe companies that manufacture them along with ortho shoes.
    Almost every child in Europe starts with those shoes as a baby since they are best house walkers that you can buy.
    They have it all ortho support and ultra light flexibility and proper foot support
    There is no better slippers produced in Europe in that category.
    Try them kids attach to them like nothing you have ever seen.
    When they ready to walk those slippers stabilize all the sensory in baby's feet giving them support and confidence in walking.

    Canvas girls shoes with high arch

    Purple house shoes for a toddler


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