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Quality snow boots for boys narrow feet

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Brands Kopecki

Product Code: Konrad Turquoise

  • SKU: 99-555
  • Quality snow boots for boys narrow feet
    Snow narrow feet boots for a toddler with warm wool inside.
    Suitable for a boy or even a girl with narrow width feet and narrow soles.
    Gortex is added for waterproof protection for best narrow width boots.
    Made out of black leather with turquoise accent and narrow soles.
    Proper ortho snow narrow feet boots for child that will form support and assist in posture development.
    Europe does not make any cheap snow narrow feet boots with zero support.
    They have to be quality as those and orthopedic for narrow width toddler feet.
    Feet are supported by narrow feet shoes that children wear.
    Therefore best narrow feet shoes for your child at all times.
    Footwear in Europe is regulated by Ministry of Health and it is manufactured on narrow and wide soles.
    Every brand from Europe offers narrow and wide footwear in every collection
    So we have a mix of narrow and wide children shoes.
    They have to be locally made in Europe with local leather that contains no mercury.
    Leather that comes from China always has traces of mercury.
    The narrow feet shoes have to have proper ortho and ankle support
    Only narrow feet shoes that come from Europe are orthopedic.
    Child can avoid all orthopedic problems by wearing best narrow feet shoes as those.
    Those narrow snow boots will align kids feet into correct position that with time will stop pigeon toes and ankle pronation
    Orthopedic problems in kids are caused by wearing low quality even narrow shoes as a child.
    Every pediatrician and podiatrist will tell you that in Europe.
    Not in USA as they rather sell you orthodics and medical visits instead suggesting supportive narrow shoes for a child
    USA does not manufacture shoes anymore in general thus how they can recommend something that they never been taught about or seen improvement with good supportive narrow shoes.

    Waterproof and snow-proof boots.
    Easy to clean also with soap and water and brush and they never bleed.

    Totally waterproof and snowproof winter boots.

    Black top quality boots for toddler


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