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Red leather fashion designer boots kids Italy

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Brands Pink Apple

Product Code: Gilma Red

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    Red leather fashion boots for kids
    Orthopedic fashion designer fashion toddler Italian boots for kids from Italy
    Designer fashion Italian shoes for kids with best support for kids
    Boots made by Italian brand Pink Apple out of best quality leather.
    Pink Apple is a designer brand for children and they make some of the most unique shoes and Italian shoes.
    Red metallic leather filled with hand stitched tags and sequins.
    Decorated with matching lace on the back fashion all the way.
    Boots slip on easy on child's foot and close with a side zipper.  
    Great arches and none sweat soles for kids fashion Italian boots.
    Flexible brown/gold rubber sole.
    One of the kind unique original ankle supportive Italian boots for a toddler.
    Orthopedic best Italian and style and manufactured in Italy.
    Waterproof style of a boot as well since child can wear them in a rain.
    Will never soak it ever, best waterproof Italian boots for a child.
    Orthopedic Italian best and proper for foot formation.
    Boots are important for children feet and posture.
    Those Italian shoes form arches, back, knees and ankles with excellent orthopedic arches.
    Orthopedic arches present with exceptional ankle support for kids.
    Child can avoid any orthopedic problems with good shoes or Italian as they form and support their feet.

    Ortho high tops for kids from Italy

    Designer shoes for kids with best support for kids


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