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Brand: Garvalin

Product Code: Fajka Rose

Rose color leather high top sneakers for girls

Rose color leather designer high top sneakers for girls
Lovely style, unique and original that any older girl will appreciate.
Rose color leather with black accent and pink sequence on the sides of the cool shoes.
"You rock" is painted on the sole to make more even impact.
Zipper close and laces optional.
Ankle support best with reinforced heel support effective for pronation.
Notice the heel in those slippers has overlapping sole that holds the ankles well at the heel
That feature is needed for ankle pronation.

Good orthopedic arches embedded into the soles since no flat shoes is ever produced in Europe.
Antibacterial innersoles inside so no sweaty feet ever.
Good white soles with a good anti slip grip.
The soles will not turn yellow as they made from none stain rubber.
Effective for pronation, pigeon toe, tip toe walking, bow legs and flat feet.
Wearing quality shoes everyday is literally forming and shaping kids feet and posture.
Therefore in Europe children start with good shoes and they will finish with good shoes once they are teens
During that time their feet shape, posture, body gait will align just perfectly in those super shoes.

Made in Spain designer girls shoes

Orthopedic best girls designer high tops


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