Beige leather orthopedic designer sneakers for children

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Brand: Naturino

Product Code: Clara Beige

Beige leather running sneakers for children
Best quality sneakers that you can buy - literally.
Beige leather with tiny flower print.
Very neutral looking style and matches any outfit.
Designed and made in Serbia by group of orthopedic doctors.
Best leather used with biomechanical sole that absorbs the shock when child is walking
It also keeps child heel in a packet when they walking.
Orthopedic support, ankle support best and none sweat soles.
Proper sneakers for any child for any season.
Kids shoes coming from Europe are always orthopedic.
There is no single brand that is manufactured not supportive.
The reason for it is shoes form and shape kids feet and they need to be supportive.
You can easily damage their feet with cheap shoes.
Their posture will be affected as well.
99% of orthopedic problems in kids are caused by junk shoes with no support.
China does not produce supportive shoes - they have no clue what orthopedic support even is.
The shoes they produce and sent to usa are not good, not supportive and oversized.
Leather on them is not well processed (has traces of mercury)
Not orthopedic at all.
Wearing such low quality shoes your child will end up pronated and pigeon toed.
It is caused by shoes - nothing else.
Invest in good shoes for a child like parents in Europe do and growing up as adults with well formed feet.

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Serbian ortho support kids running shoes


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