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Brand: Kopecki

Product Code: Texas Blue

Sandals for bad feet in kids good arch support

Sandals for bad feet in kids good arch support
Pronation best baby boys sandals for a toddler
Pronated ankles best walkers.
Arch supportive ankle sandals for pronation.
High supportive study heel support and reinforced ankle support so feet will not collapse.
Made out of blue/gray/beige/yellow leather.
Great arches added to the sole of the model since rubber sole never goes flat and foot will be supported at all times.
Antibacterial soles for total comfort so feet will never sweat in those cool sandals.
Closed back sandals for boy with proper ankle and heel support.
Child will never have any discomfort in those cool sandals
They padded at the heel so no blisters of any kind.
Great rubber soles for running with good traction.
Sandals made in Europe out of best leather - not China.
Avoid sandals made in China as they not orthopedic and over time they deform baby's feet.

Arch supportive ankle sandals for pronation.

Pronation kids sandals with arches


Janice  -  21/05/2017

High top baby leather sandals for good ankle support. Those are high as they should be and support baby's feet well. Sole is flexible and bends well, arch support present. Great little sandal for a child.....will buy again as soon as he outgrows them....

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