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Pronation stop boys sandals with closed heel

Sandals for a child with severe pronation
ide width best sandals for kids with best arches
Closed back with reinforced with leather supportive heel.
Sturdy ankle high sandals designed to align pronated weak ankles.
Reinforced ankle support is added to this sandal to keep feet supported.
Orthopedic arches are present in a soles since no flat sandals is ever produced in Europe.
None sweat soles inside so no sweaty feet or blisters.
Sandals are padded at the ankles so they do not cause any discomfort for a child.
Child can wear them in crazy hot weather and feet will not sweat in them ever.
Supportive, beige and red stylish and well made boy's sandals.
High supportive study heel will align ankles into correct position.
Beige/brown/red leather.
Good arches, good stable sole for walking.
Child will not be hot or sweat in those high tops due to anti smell soles.
They feature anti sweat soles, padded collar with support
Over time high top shoes as those will align pronated ankles

Weak ankles best high top sandals

Wide width high top sandals for boys


Nacy  -  07/04/2020

High and supportive above the ankle and preventing pronation that my son has developed due to none supportive shoes he always had. Never knew that, finally find a decent doctor that explained to me importance of shoes for a child. They made a difference in his walking and I see he does not sweat in them despite of high back support. Nice color too...huge arch inside, flexible sole. Took them to the doctor and he kept asking me where I got them...so they are orthopedic.

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