Leather walkers for a baby boy best to walk straight

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Brand: Kopecki

Product Code: Har Gray

Shoes for a baby to help walk straight
Corrective medical shoes for a toddler with arches.
European made orthopedic walkers for baby boys or girl.
Heel supportive ortho shoes for a toddler baby boy.
Decorated with yellow color.
Close with a side single velcro.
High arches, heel support for stable walking.
Sturdy ankle support, supportive heel and none sweat soles present.
Over time those shoes will align kids feet.
Alignment of toddlers feet takes time and you can align them and correct feet and posture with supportive orthopedic shoes.
Buy only supportive shoes for your child if you want to see any results.
Footwear shape kids feet so cheap shoes from China will not do the job.
All they do is deform kids feet in the long term.
Shoes manufactured in China (any brand you name that is sold in USA) it is not supportive, not orthopedic, not measured correctly for average foot.
Over time they will shoot and destroy kids feet and deform their posture.
Shoes supposed to help and form kids feet but quite opposite happens in low quality shoes.

Please Note: This style runs small so order size up.

Corrective medical shoes for a toddler with arches

European orthopedic sneakers for boys


L.N  -  22/05/2017

The best shoes for a toddler that I ever bought...impossible to find such quality locally....kids shoes in USA are absolutely horrible and deforming kids feet. I know what I am talking about since I am Italian and I grew up on quality shoes with actual support. Those fit the bill to the "T". Consider me your regural customer.

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