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Shoes for a child to help walk straight

Shoes for a child to help walk straight
Yes, overtime they will correct pigeon toe that is common in children who wear none supportive shoes.
Shoes from China deform and destroy kids feet thus they develop pigeon toes.
Those shoes offer proper ankle support with reinforced heel.
They keep weak ankles in a heel packet and at the same time the align them into correct position.
Since shoes have good high ankle support pigeon toe improves and with time dissapears.
It takes about 1 years to see improvement and 3 years to correct feet.
It is only possible when child is small and growing - if nothing is done they become pigeon toed in adulthood.
That is why in Europe we wear only shoes of such caliber so our children do not end up with deformed feet.
High arch orthopedic shoes for a boy with arch - they have it all.
Arch is added to the sole of the model since all the shoes are manufactured like that since 1990.
Rubber sole never goes flat so that alone support kids foot.
Good shoes for boys with weak ankles
Made out gray nubuck leather.
Decorated with a yellow lines.
Closes with a side double velcro.
Fully adjustable style for easy on/off.
Proper arches none sweat soles and heel support pronation preventive.
Caliber of a shoe that ever child should wear as they form and support kids feet and posture.
Orthopedic shoes are recommended for every child as they correctly support feet and posture.
Avoid low cost shoes as they destroy and deform your kids feet.
Orthopedic problems are caused by cheap shoes child wears - it is not a birth defect in any way.
Shoes made in China out of low cost leather with zero orthopedic support are the cause of flat feet, pigeon toes, ankle pronation

High arch orthopedic shoes for a boy with arch

Good shoes for boys with weak ankles


William, Mesa AZ  -  08/06/2020

Very nice shoes and support is truly great. You can feel the arch in those shoes. The leather on them is a bit stiff but after one day they loosen up nicely. They are gray with a hint of yellow, not so bright so they do not get dirty. Well made shoes, glad we got them. I will buy this brand again in a Fall.

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