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Shoes for kids best for posture
Yes, shoes affect kids feet development and whole posture and body gait.
Those mary janes have proper orthopedic support and they are manufactured according orthopedic standards.
When child is wearing those shoes their feet get formed correctly.
No pronation, no pigeon toes no tip toe walking ever develops in those shoes ever.
We call them orthopedic mary janes in Europe and every child wears them.
Pink mary janes for girls with best support and made in Spain
Pink leather with colorful side flower.
Style that stays on little feet.
Good arches present in those mary janes.

None sweat soles inside antibacterial best for girls.
Purple well profiled soles.

Pink shoes for girls with arches

Excellent orthopedic arch support shoes


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Miriam G. 2019-12-17 14:32:04

Lovely shoes for a child. I wanted mary janes with actual support for a child and those are great from Spain. Match any outfit we have, good leather and support