Shoes for Tip Toe Walker Boy | Supination Fix for Weak Ankles

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Brand: Kopecki

Product Code: Hektor Gray

Shoes for tip toe walker boy
Sturdy heel, will not bent in the back when child is walking and they ankle support best.
This is exactly needed for stop tip toe walking.
Heel support with leather reinforcement that keeps foot in a packet to stop tip toe walkers.
Supination stop and tip foot walking corrective footwear for boys.
Ankle corrective high top baby walking shoes
Foot support best footwear for a child with reinforced heel.
High tops for a boy leather in gray black orange color.
Acti fresh innersoles so no sweat feet ever in those shoes.
Safe good walkers for a baby boy as well who does not display any orthopedic walking problems. 
European best for small walking feet but importantly medical issues as tip toe walking.
Example walking shoe that will gradually align child's foot into proper position so over time they will stop.
It takes about a year for a child to stop.
Just continue with sturdy, orthopedic ankle high tops shoes as those.
Don't rotate them with cheap none orthopedic shoes as you never see any improvement.
Adjusting and repairing kids foot is a process and takes time to stop.
Continue with good supportive shoes as those since they form and support kids feet and posture.

Sturdy heel preventive for child to tip toe walkers
Ankle support boys high tops with high arches.
Over time they stabilize the heel and child will stop tip toe walkers.
Those leather walkers preventive leather for boys
They definitely are as heel support is strong and they do not easily bend when child is walking.
Those toe walkers are orthopedic with best possible support and they are made in Europe.
This is a type of footwear that would make your child stop to tip toe, fix ankle pronation, weak ankles and flat feet.
Kids feet are shaped and formed by toe walkers they wear so this is the kind of shoes we put on children in Europe.
Every European walkers sold in any European footwear store is orthopedic since no other kind are allowed.
We in Europe view kids footwear as foot developmental need - not a fashion statement.
That is why they are viewed as medical need for every walking child.
European made orthopedic high tops for boys.
Good leather no smell or sweat inner soles.
Quality shoes, sturdy medical for walkers correction.
European best footwear for a boy with weak ankles.
Over time those walkers shoes will restore and support kids feet over time diminish and restore toddlers feet to proper position.
Toe walking will stop with sturdy ankle supportive high tops as those.
Just do not rotate them with good walkers vs cheap one with no support.
If child wears cheap shoes in between you never see any improvement.

Ankle corrective high top walking shoes

Quality shoes that could be worn barefoot


Jason, Orange County CA  -  15/06/2021

Sturdy heel support, sturdy soles, great leather and my son loved them. Best shoes I ever bought for him. WORE LIKE IRON SINCE HE BEAT HELL OUT OF THOSE SHOES. They still ok to wear but getting tight. Worth the money. Also his tip toe walking got better and we see huge improvement. Few more month and he will stop eventually we were told. They are like night and day with local shoes you see in the store. great qulity

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