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Shoes for tip toe walker boy
Sturdy heel, will not bent in the back when child is walking and they ankle support best.
Heel support with leather reinforcement that keeps foot in a packet.
Supination in kids corrective footwear for boys.
Ankle corrective high top baby walking shoes
Foot support best footwear for a child.
High tops for a boy leather in gray black orange color.
Acti Fresh innersoles so no sweat feet ever in those shoes.

Safe good walkers for a baby boy.
European best for small walking feet.

Ankle corrective high top baby walking shoes

Quality shoes that could be worn barefoot


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Jason, Orange County CA 2018-06-15 01:20:14

Sturdy heel support, sturdy soles, great leather and my son loved them. Best shoes I ever bought for him. WORE LIKE IRON SINCE HE BEAT HELL OUT OF THOSE SHOES. They still ok to wear but getting tight. Worth the money. Also his tip toe walking got better and we see huge improvement. Few more month and he will stop eventually we were told. They are like night and day with local shoes you see in the store. great qulity