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Brand: Kopecki

Product Code: Mazik Gray

Shoes that support foot forming in kids

Shoes that support foot forming in kids
Wide width chubby feet double wide boys shoes

Best shoes for beginning walkers

High arch shoes for toddlers with good arch.
Made out gray/blue/navy leather.
Leather arches best for feet forming and support.
Best leather shoes quality and will not sweat while child is wearing them.
Quality shoes that could be worn barefoot.
Perfect sturdy toddler leather shoes
Perfect for tip toe walkers as they really sturdy and supportive.
Ankle support in them is sturdy and child will have hard time walking on their tip toes over time.
Great arch support in them with antibacterial innersoles.
None sweat soles inside so no sweaty smelly feet.
Approved orthopedic by Ministry of Health in Europe.

Best shoes for beginning walkers

Weak ankles best support shoes kids


Leslie - Huntington Beach  -  24/08/2020

Top quality plus beautiful style. Those shoes are top notch - honestly. Great arch, leather and support inside with the best leather on them inside and out. Pricey but well worth the money. My son wore them non stop every day for 5 months and they look pretty good for daily torture. I will pass them to his small cousin since they are still OK to wear. I am contemplating on buying another pair (maybe in another color) since they were truly amazing shoes for my baby. Very pleased with them.

Jenifer from Brooklyn  -  20/06/2020

European shoes are so expensive but the quality is really one of a kind. I was instructed by orthopedic doctor since my son displayed serious feet problems. His feet were prolonging so badly inwards. Local orthopedic doctor (who is by the way Russian origin) almost scream on me because I keep buying cheap shoes for my son. He finally explained me the importance of shoes with arch and support for a little child. He also gave me this site to buy the shoes from. I got the shoes a week ago and I see clear difference in my son's walking. He does not trip, his feet do not smell either. They are nicely profiled inside and out. I took them to the doctor of course so check the size and he was impressed as well. It was a need buy for us. I only will be buying shoes from that site since those people know everything about the quality shoes for kids. They almost repeated everything my doctor said. Amazing....

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