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Shoes with wide toe box and good arch

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Manufacturer Falcotto

Product Code: Alena White

  • SKU: 0012015752 02 1Q23
  • Shoes with wide toe box and good arch
    Toe box is wide so they are best for high instep feet.
    Stylish waterproof ankle boots with good ankle support.
    Made out of white leather and silver trim.
    Decorated with cute side heart.
    Close with a side double Velcro.
    Fully adjustable style for better fit.
    Proper orthopedic shoes for a child with good arches.
    Wide toe box for a child with weak ankles and flat feet.
    Flexible soles for walking with proper support.
    Type of shoes we wear in Europe and kids end up with well formed feet and posture.

      Stylish waterproof ankle boots

      Good boots for children walking


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