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Kids best pronation sneakers from Turkey

Ankle pronation fix best kids shoes and sandals manufactured in Turkey by Perlina. Orthopedic best kids shoes with proper ankle and heel support, foot correcting for toddlers and child. Running shoes for kids with weak, collapsed ankles.Those are best sturdy sneakers, sandals, shoes, ankle boots for children. Effective in pronation, pigeon toes, tip toe walking, left foot turning, right foot turning and any kind of orthopedic problems child might display. Great leather on those shoes, sturdy, stiff, and well profiled soles. Arch support is added to the soles and inside is build out as an extra for support. They feature antibacterial innersoles so no wet, smelly feet ever in those shoes. Absolute best for children with feet problems. We love Perlina brand and offer them to our customers. Shoes from Turkey as Perlina are manufactured according to orthopedic standards same as they are in Europe since Turkey and middle East believes in good shoes for their children also and only kind you can buy there. They do not import cheap shoes from China that destroy and deform kids feet. They manufacture their own brands locally that are equally good as those made in Europe.

Shoes for children best for pronation

Kids shoes from Turkey to fix weak ankles

Mapi Pink

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Maya Pink

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Maya Red

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Munioz Gray

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Rumcajs Blue

Special shoes for flat feet with orthopedic arch.Sneakers for a child that are supportive and orthopedic Best for running, walking and heel support for ankle ..

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Rumor Gray

Perlina high quality kids shoes with best arches.Great child sneakers for Sprig or Summer from Turkey. Orthopedic best with high arches present, ankle support..

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Torba Pink

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