Special purple shoes for child with foot problems

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Brand: Kopecki

Product Code: Josie Purple

Special shoes for child with foot problems
Ankle high leather boots for kids from Europe
Corrects flat feet, pronated ankles, pigeon toes in kids
Total orthopedic high tops for new walkers
Purple/gray leather, decorated with flowers.
High arch present and will not sweat in those boots at all.
They have anti sweat innersoles present so no wet feet ever or smelly ones either.
Superior quality waterproof leather boots.
Those high tops form little feet correctly giving them proper foot support.
Kids feet are like jello you can form them anyway you like thus shoes are ultra important.
Cheap shoes with no support deform baby's feet while quality shoes correctly form them giving them proper support.

Purple high top boots for walking toddlers

Excellent leather orthopedic, arches


Charles D. - 27/12/2019

Wide feet best ankle boots, my daughter had wide feet and they fit very well. Thanks for recommendation.

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