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Special shoes for flat kids feet
Orthopedic canvas or house shoes shoes for boy
High heel support, ankle support, orthopedic for new walkers.
Best house shoes for taking fist steps and learning to walk.
Brown canvas material featuring a plane.
Easy clip close.
Great profiled soles with best ortho support for toddlers.
Foot forming best house shoes for children.
Suggested by every pediatrician in Europe as they form kids feet like leather shoes do.
More comfortable then leather shoes matter of fact.

Orthopedic slippers shoes for boy

Shoes are recommended by every pediatrician in Europe


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Borya, San Franciso 2015-11-27 19:06:44

Great idea for that side clip, child walks great in them and does not take them off. Slippers are made out of canvas and they do have great leather arch support. Heel is supported as it should be for young walker. We had such slippers in Europe but they tie with laces as I can remember. Those are far better design wise. Wanted supportive shoes for my son since when my wife brought shoes from the local store here in San Francisco, I was amazed how cheap they were and had no support. Some junky shoes America has to say the least and that is adults included. I grew up in Serbia on quality shoes and they make huge difference to once feet, posture and walk. No one knows that here, so I found that store on-line bough few pairs of shoes and slippers and we are set. I am a man and I generally have no interest in kids shoes but since my wife has no clue how quality shoes should be made, I will buy them here every season. Thanks for speedy delivery.