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Foot problem girls shoes with special support

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Brands Kopecki

Product Code: Arizon Gray

  • SKU: 55-7854589514526
  • Special shoes for problem feet in kids
    Stylish orthopedic leather shoes with great support and best fit for a boy.
    High arch leather shoes for boys with proper ankle support for pronation.
    Accented with dark orange color.
    Has proper heel support for pronation for weak ankles
    Ortho arches present and none smell soles
    Absolute best kids shoes
    Those shoes will shape child's foot and adjust it correctly
    Shoes shape kids feet and those have all the proper ortho features to form feet correctly.
    If your child is wearing none supportive cheap shoes expect feet problems - they are guaranteed.
    Flat feet, pigeon toes, ankle pronation will develop.
    Flat feet are only 5% genetic, rest comes from wearing shoes with none support when child.
    Therefore child does need supportive shoes to be worn at all times as their feet are formed by shoes they wear.
    Local shoes sold in USA are not supportive, not orthopedic and all they do is deform kids feet over time.
    IF child is pigeon toed - that is caused by shoes with zero support - type of crocks, keens, new balance, merells, none supportive.
    If child is ankle pronated - that is caused by cheap shoes with zero support.
    All shoes that are manufactured in China are not supportive and not orthopedic and they cause more damage to kids feet then you can even imagine.
    In Europe we only place such shoes on kids and we end up with well formed feet and posture.
    No cheap shoes are allowed for sale in any country since they are regulated by European Ministry of Health.
    Shoes for kids are viewed as foot and posture developmental need, not a fashion statement.

    High arch leather shoes for boys with weak ankles

    Stylish orthopedic leather shoes with great support


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    Sandy 2014-09-19 21:36:07

    Once you try quality shoes you will never go back to chinese crap. I am speaking here from experience here. Years back when I visited Italy I got a few pairs of shoes for myself and they lasted until today so I finally understood what quality shoes are. That is why I am buying supportive shoes for my son since I want his feet to develop correctly. I bought only shoes from that site and every one of them have been the best. They do shape kids feet and thanks to the quality shoes my son does not have any feet issues. Those gray shoes we got are fabulous as well. Support, quality and style is there and they will last for good 7-8 months of non stop wear.

    Janice - Phoenix 2014-02-06 15:01:48

    Handsome shoes for a boy, very well made and great arch support inside. That is what I wanted to see in true European made shoes. It was my first order and the store was very helpful as to style and size. The shoes were correct size out of the box and worked out well. I will order again.