Blue leather sneakers for a teen boy

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Brand: Naturino

Product Code: Milhause Blue

Quality sneakers for a boy that are best for wide feet.
High instep best and long velcros for best fit.
Perfect to wear as daily casual shoe.
Perfect for Spring or Fall - practically any season.
Leather inside and out and color is navy with white stripes.
Good arch orthopedic best ankle supportive loafers for kids.
Proper for posture and foot formation.
Orthopedic leather inside and out made in Europe not China.
Huge difference in quality and orthopedic support for child.
In Europe we never import or sell none supportive shoes that are not locally made.
They are not orthopedic nor supportive for kids feet.
Children need best shoes possible so their feet and posture develops correctly.

Wide width high instep sneakers for a teen

Orthopedic ankle suportive shoes for a teen


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