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Hard bottom olive leather shoes

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Brands Kopecki

Product Code: Mazik Olive

  • SKU: 88-78456895
  • Sturdy leather walking shoes
    Tip toe preventive shoes,
    corrective with sturdy heel support.
    Wide high arch toddler stable shoes
    Custom orthopedic orthodics inside for kids feet.
    Double wide toddler leather shoes with best support.
    Green beige leather cute well made leather shoes.

    Accented with dark green leather in color.
    Child will not sweat in those leather shoes due to special rubber soles.
    Good soles for walking in comfort.
    Good leather, good hard bottom soles, good support for a toddler.
    Perfect summer shoe for a child made in Europe.
    You can wear them with socks few times as leather expands then with no socks in the summer.
    Orthopedic best leather shoes for child designed to form and support kids feet.

    Lightweight, to aid in better walking.
    Flexible, particularly at the tip, when children curl their toes as they walk.
    A flat sole, with very little heel, to favor equilibrium and safeguard the legs and back.
    A broad last to prevent against compressing the foot and squashing the toes.
    The child should not be able to wriggle his or her heel around inside, because the shoe could come off or it could cause painful blisters
    on the feet.
    There have to be 1/2 inch of growing room inside so they fit well.
    Velcro closure for easy on and off closure.
    Natural leather materials, both on the outside and the inside of the shoe for comfort.
    The inside of the shoe should not have uncomfortable protruding stitches so comfort.
    Anti-slip sole to prevent against dangerous falls and to provide grip when children are well
    Orthopedic shoes are only manufactured in Europe, not China so accept no copies since they deform kids feet and offer zero support.

    Toddler hard bottom baby t-straps

    Double wide sturdy toddler ankle footwear


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