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Gray leather designer sneakers for girls

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Manufacturer Kopecki

Product Code: Tina Gray

  • SKU: 33-7858269
  • Stylish sneakers for girls
    Sneakers that will discourage toe walking girls
    Heel supportive orthopedic walking shoes
    Gray with lime leather sneaker for a child.
    Ankle support present and it will not bend in the back when walking
    Gray leather with lime patent accent.
    Arches present, support all makings of orthopedic shoe.
    Leather used with none sweat soles for comfort.
    Kids feet are develop according to shoes they wear therefore it is important they wear supportive shoes at all times.
    European kids have always shoes with arches on their feet and they never develop any walking problems.
    Shoes form feet, posture, spine and body gait.
    Whole body is affected if foot deformation occurs.
    Caliber of shoes cost pretty penny in Europe as well.
    They are locally made and people who manufacture them gets paid living wages.

    Sneakers that will discourage toe walking girls

    Good arch girls sneakers


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