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Support shoes correct ankle turning
They will support and over time restore falling and turning ankles.
How, with a proper measured ankle support that it is present in those cute shoes.
Notice entire heel is covered and supported
There is a reinforced leather heel in that shoe so when child is walking her feet will not collapse.
They stay up and over time ankles will straighten.
Those are best ortho shoes for a baby that every child should wear.
You know that ankle turning cause are low quality shoes that child has been wearing.
Cheap shoes with no support manufactured in China are not orthopedic, not supportive and over time they destroy and deform your child's feet.
Every European pediatrician and orthopedic doctor will tell you that but not in USA as they not taught in schools and not shown what good shoes actually do to kids foot development.
Shoes form and support kids feet, posture and entire body weight.
Therefore imagine if child wears shoes with zero support and what happens to their feet over time.
They simply collapse and deform.
Ankles become pronated, pigeon toe will develop and flat feet will develop as well.
Kids need ankle supportive shoes with actual orthopedic arch that are measured and fitted correctly.
European made shoes are the only ones designed to support and form kids feet.
We view kids shoes in Europe as developmental need that forms and supports kids feet correctly.
There is no business of AFO, orthodics and therapy in Europe since shoes itself are the therapy.
They are orthopedic with actual support that every child does need.

Orthopedic best quality shoes with arches

Easy slip on and support for a child


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