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Support shoes correct ankle turning
They will support and over time restore falling and turning ankles.
How, with a proper measured ankle support that it is present in those cute shoes.
Notice entire heel is covered and supported
There is a reinforced leather heel in that shoe so when child is walking her feet will not collapse.
They stay up and over time ankles will straighten.
Those are best ortho shoes for a baby that every child should wear.
You know that ankle turning cause are low quality shoes that child has been wearing?
Shoes sold locally are cheap from China and not supportive and they causing all the feet problems.
They are made out of cheap materials and have no ortho support.
Sorry....... since when rubber shoes or plastic shoes are good for kids growing and forming feet?
Crocks, Keens, Merels - total garbage from China with zero support, what kind of shoes are those for kids feet?
How does they support and form toddlers feet?
Well, they do not is they deform and destroy kids feet and orthopedic problems are noticed over time.
That is why invest in decent shoes for your child as cheap shoes cause more damage as child gets older.
We in Europe do not buy cheap Chinese shoes for any child.
We do not even have any for sale in any Eureopean country since shoes from China are not allowed for sale in Europe.
They shot and destroy kids feet.....every European Pediatrician will tell you that....
We search for best shoes possible that are locally European made - they are the only orthopedic ones.
Those shoes here are like Mercedes of kids shoes, ortho shoes - that every toddler should wear. 

Orthopedic best quality shoes with arches

Easy slip on and support for a child


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