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Brand: Kopecki

Product Code: Rebeka Rose

Supportive toddler slippers with good arch and ankle support

Supportive toddler slippers with good arch support
Orthopedic best with reinforced ankle support for weak pronated ankles.
Notice the heel that is aligned with that sole, it overlapsed the heel.
That feature alone keeps toddler feet stable and aligned preventing weak ankles and pronation.
Deformed feet best toddler slippers since they will restore weak ankles, flat feet and pronation problems.
Over time they will correct kids feet since they provide optimal ankle support.
Extra light and flexible style for any infant/toddler girl.
High arch baby slippers with good arch support.
Metal secure easy to close clip.

That clip keeps feet stable, aligned, and well supported.
Plus child will not take them off their feet, they stay one securely.
Made out of rose canvas material and decorated with adorable girl.
Arches present inside of slippers contoured to the sole, and leather lining goes on the top.
No sweaty feet in those cool slippers as they absorb sweat from kids feet.
Those slippers are recommended by every pediatrician in Europe and millions of kids wears them.
Top quality product for kids for the house, daycare, or school.
Try them - they are one of a kind and orthopedic.

Deformed feet best toddler slippers

Canvas shoes for toddler with ortho support


Miriam - mom from Ok - 16/01/2020

Adorable with little girl on it. Support inside is top notch! This is what I call European quality and fit. -

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