Tall Ankle Sandals for Girls | Reinforced Ankle Support

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Tall ankle sandals girls
Ankle high best for weak ankles, pigeon toe and flat feet.
Ortho tall ankle sandal all in one for girls.
Type of a ankle girls sandal that every child should wear if foot problems occur.
Want to help your child - restore her feet with high top shoes, boots or ankle girls sandals.
Those tall ankle sandals are best for pronation, pigeon toes, flat feet and deformed feet in children.
Only quality as those are worn by children in Europe.
No orthodics will help you as they do not support the whole foot gait.
Foot needs to be stabilized from every angle so over time whole body gait will be aligned.
Avoid garbage shoes from China since they are the cause of all  feet problems.
Low quality leather, no orthopedic support, no heel support, stiff soles, oversized shoes or sandals.
Problem is in China they have no clue what orthopedic sandal even is.
Thus the tall ankle sandals are such low quality they produce.
Kids in USA wear them and over time they end up with deformed feet
We just don't do that in Europe, our children wear only such shoes as those described here.
Ankle tall, ankle tall, ankle tall, ankle tall - especially for small children with reinforced heel.
They are expensive in Europe as well but that is a developmental need for a child.
Benefit is when adults we have well shaped feet, posture, spine and body gait.
We can walk for miles with ease and experience no pain of any kind.

Please Note: this style runs big so order size smaller.
The soles on those sandals run big so store clients bought one size smaller. 


First of all, the shoe must fit both the length and width of the foot. If it turns out that the length is good, and the toddler still complains that it is tight - it's probably about the width of the shoe. In this situation, it is better to choose a shoe that is too big. The foot needs space when walking. The fingers always move slightly forward during the support phase. If the shoe is too tight, the toes and metatarsal movements are not full, which can lead to incorrect toe positioning, which in turn leads to flattening of the arch.
The sole of the shoe must be flexible and sandals should have reinforced heel with good ankle support that feature alone helps ankle pronation. Sometimes I watch with horror really beautiful, cute tall girls sandals whose soles are hard as a rock. I can't bend the shoe with my hands, so I don't even want to imagine how the baby's tiny foot would function in something like that. Therefore, approaching the store shelf, after the first visual selection, testing begins: I bend and twist the shoe so as to be sure that the shoe will ensure freedom of movement for my child's feet.
The tall girls sandals must fit on both feet. We are not always aware of this, but the rates may vary slightly in length. Therefore, ALWAYS measure both tall girls sandals in a pair and make sure each one fits. If you notice asymmetry, you should buy a size for a longer foot. Shoes should be light. I always take the weight of tall girls sandals into account when shopping. When the footwear is too heavy, the child may have difficulty adjusting their legs when walking - e.g. they may walk with their toes pointing inwards.

The inside of the tall girls sandal should be smooth (if they are closed toe model) - there must be no folds that could knead the foot. There should also be no protruding seams. A profiled insole is are needed and they are added to every shoe manufactured in Europe. In young children, the sole of the foot MUST work, otherwise it will just laze and actually create flat feet. The foot works when it has the ability to move, and the profiled insole restricts this movement. In a small child, the inner part of the foot contains fatty bedding. Some parents confuse this with flat feet, because it looks similar in reality. However, the presence of fatty litter in this place is physiology. Thanks to it, the support surface of the small foot increases and the pressure on the surface unit is reduced. Marking of raising the medial edge of the foot is marked around 2 years of age, and the fatty litter disappears only when the child turns 4-5 years old.

Ankle supportive girls sandals

Leather kids sandals from Europe


Laria - 13/02/2019

Very nice sandals..very soft and leather on them top notch. Ankle support is best.

Natasha V. - SD, USA - 19/01/2019

Searched for that type of sandal for a while. I am glad I could find them here.....,ankle support, good arch, soft leather and very cute. My daughter needed them for ankle pronation. Please carry them every year so I can buy them in the future as well.

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