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Teen boy sneakers with arch
width boys leather shoes with good arch
Gray leather ankle supportive shoes for a boy from Europe.
Sturdy ankle support for a boy that will fix pronation since feet will be supported
Long velcro closure.
Proper arches and anti sweat soles.
Orthopedic walking sporty
shoes for teen boy
European made so yes they are orthopedic since all the shoes in Europe are orthopedic.
Kids feet grow until 15 years old so good shoes are a must at all times.
Children feet form due to the shoes they wear so leather, supportive shoes are required for every boy.
You can avoid many orthopedic problems with wearing proper shoes at all times.
That is what parents do in Europe - put best shoes on their children from baby to teen and kids ends up with well formed feet.
Cheap shoes sold in USA destroy kids feet - pretty much any brand you name it is not orthopedic.
Nike, DC, Keens, Crocks, Merells, - any brand since no impact is placed on regulating quality of kids shoes.
That is why producers in USA make them at low cost production countries out of cheapest materials.
That is why all children in USA have orthopedic problems and pronation, flat feet, pigeon toes, collapsed ankles are common.
It is caused by junk shoes nothing else.
Sad part is that even local pediatricians tell parents that shoes does not matter on kids feet and quality is not important.
Well, so how come so many kids have orthopedic problems?
Read online statistics - in Europe there is none, no child walks with pronated feet - since shoes from the day one are top quality.
Doctors in Europe
emphasize quality for kids and educate parents about it.

Wide width boys leather shoes with good arch

Ankle supportive shoes for a boy from Europe


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