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Sturdy ankle high boys therapeutic boots

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  • Therapeutic boots for kids
    Hip dressy shoe for boy or girl straight from Europe.
    Comfortable shoes
    for toddlers with arches.
    Gray/yellow leather.
    Side zipper and frontal laces.
    Great sturdy back support best for tip toe walkers.
    Stiff high tops but leather will loosen over time.
    Child will never sweat in those boots
    as they feature special soles that absorb sweat from kids feet.
    Children need boots of that caliber as their feet are growing and forming.
    Kids in Europe wear only such boots to have well formed and shaped feet.
    If you child is wearing shoes with no support the cheap ones then orthopedic problems in their feet will show up.
    No child is born with deformed feet
    they are caused by cheap none supportive shoes type of Crocks, UGS, Keens, Nike sneakers, New Balance, Merels and other none supportive shoes.
    They have no arch support, no heel support, no ankle support, no good leather - all they do is deform and destroy your kids feet.
    Footwear in Europe is regulated
    for kids and no cheap none supportive shoes are not allowed.
    Parents are required to spent money on good shoes - not orthodics and doctors visits.
    In the long run makes sense.
    Why destroy kids feet with junk shoes from low quality materials?
    To fix them later?
    Well, it is not that easy since once feet are deformed only improvement can be made - they never going to be perfect along with a posture.
    Thus good shoes for a child are very important and they are designed to form their feet.
    It has nothing to do with fashion and look.

    Tip toe walking support boots for kids

    High arch good support boots for a child


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    Jason P - Montana US 2016-02-11 15:29:26

    Great shoes for wide feet. The toe box of that boot is wide to fit my son's wide chubby feet. The leather on them is top notch and they really nice overall. Great deal on them too since shoes in Europe are expensive like crazy even for kids. Just came back from business trip from Norway and I could not believe how much folks pay for shoes there in general. However, whatever available there is total quality. I did not see any cheap, chinese shoes made there I must say. Well, people seems to think there differently then us in USA and they will rather pay for quality and durability and use the shoes for long time.

    Larisa C - Northbrook, IL 2014-02-26 02:28:32

    They look chunky and heavy but they are SO NOT! Weightless with profiled soles inside. You cannot buy such quality shoes in USA, all we have is Chinese made cheap shoes with no support of any kind. Majority of them smell horribly. People think that their feet smell - no shoes do since leather on them is processed with toxic chemicals that cause your feet to perspire. In Europe the leather is process without any chemicals plus they have soles that filtrate ones foot. However, no one seems to know that here and ever care. I always buy only European shoes for myslef and my child since they are the best.