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Thomas Heel Closed Back Support Sandals | Orthopedic Baby Shoes

Thomas heel closed back support sandals
Reinforced heel that is designed to keep ankles in aligned position.
Sturdy and stiff with reinforced closed ankle for total support.
When child is wearing such reinforced back shoes their feet will begin to line up and pronation will improve and stop overtime.
Just don't rotate them with cheap none orthopedic closed back shoes as you never see any improvement.
Shoes in USA are all manufactured in China and they literally destroy and deform kids feet and posture.
European made reinforced back shoes are the only ones with orthopedic and ankle support.
Those closed back sandals offer good arches, ankle support and none sweat soles.
Thomas heel is added to the sole of the model to keep them aligned and supported.
Ortho baby closed back sandals with support that is needed for every child.
Heel supportive best for tip toe walkers.
Those Thomas heel closed back sandals are made in Italy according to orthopedic standards.
Child needs to start with such quality since their feet are growing and forming.
Padded back for total comfort and soft soles.
The back of the sandal is sturdy and ankle supportive as they should be.
Type of closed back sandal or shoe that every baby should wear.
Foot forming best closed back sandals for new walkers.
Quality ortho closed back shoes at best since closed shoes form kids feet,
Avoid shoes from low cost countries since they deform baby's feet.
When you see ankles collapsing and child develops pigeon toes it is due open back not supportive shoes.
It is due to the cheap shoes it has been wearing not closed back reinforced ones.
Only Europe has best closed heel shoes for babies and they are the ortho ones.
No low quality shoes is ever produced in Europe as they viewed as developmental need for child's feet.

Flat foot ankle support for a new walker

Ortho baby sandals with support


Nina C from Calabasas CA - 14/04/2020

Super sandals for active boy! They run big so order size down. I did and they just right in size. Some growing room needs to be left. Those have great arch support and perfect leather on them. True quality. 100% Italian made - you can't beat it. Very affordable for Italian made shoes. I just came from Florence from business trip and the prices on kids shoes and adults were high, very high since dollar does not go far anymore. I bought some shoes for my son (and paid far more then for those). Total deal on those little walkers.

Mom from Canada - 16/01/2020

They run big like size over so I did ordered size down as suggested. I got them for our vacations and I think my son will wear them in a Spring as well. They are actually well made little sandals. Italian 100% - engraved inside. Flexible, supportive with great leather on them. I would buy that brand again.

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