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Size Child

Sandals for new walking babies with ortho support

Tall closed back sandals for kids best for posture

Orthopedic high arch leather sandals kids

Sandals for new walking babies from Italy that are closed back, good ankle support, orthopedic arches and stable soles for standing and learning to walk. Absolute best start up walkers for toddler girls and boys made out of best leathers with appropriate ankle support that every new walker does need. Those sandals are manufactured in Italy according to orthopedic standards sent by Ministry of Health in Europe. Babies need ankle supportive shoes when they learning to stand, walk and take first steps. The heel, ankle have to be supported and elevated at all times to provide optimal support when child is standing and walking. Soft shoes recommended in USA are not orthopedic and discouraged by European pediatricians and foot specialist. If child wears soft shoes with no ankle support, no sole there is 99% chance that their feet will get deformed and pronation and pigeon toe will form with time. High tops they are called in Europe are required for all new walkers since they are designed to form and stabilize child's foot, posture and provide optimal ankle support. Rubber soles are always soft, bendable, with profiled soles and good traction. You can rest assured that your baby will be walking stable in them while their feet will be well supported. This is the only kind of sandals we placing on children in Europe and none of the children develops any orthopedic problems. Kids need orthopedic sandals and shoes and quality shoes only come from Europe - never China. Eurobimbi brand been manufacturing shoes in Italy since 1950 so they are considered experts in quality orthopedic shoe making.

Kalisz Beige

Orthopedic sandals for a new walkerClosed back and reinforced heel for stable walking. Stylish baby boy sandals straight from Italy.Made in Italy by Eurobimbi..

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Kalisz Green

New walkers weak ankles kids sandalsStylish baby boy sandals straight from Europe.Ankle support best shoes.Made in Italy by Eurobimbi.Made out of green/navy s..

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Kalisz Navy

Discount baby shoes for kidsBlue leather baby boy high top sandals Ortho walkers for kids best supportEurobimbi brand made in Italy. Made out of navy/beige nu..

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Merek Gray

Thomas heel closed back support sandalsReinforced heel that is designed to keep ankles in aligned position.Sturdy and stiff with reinforced closed ankle for t..

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