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Brand: Kopecki

Product Code: Rebeka Pink

House shoes for baby girls to stop tip toe walking

Tip toe walking stop house shoes for girls.
They feature reinforced ankle support
Notice the heel over lapses he sole keeping weak ankles in a packet when child is walking.
Orthopedic arch with support build into the innersole of the slipper.
Breathable, leather innersole for proper support.
Flexible beige rubber sole with superior traction.
Close with a side adjustable clip. Easy on and off style.
That clip is better then any velcro or lace as it stabilizes the ankles and you can adjust them well on toddlers foot.
Made out of pink canvas material and decorated with adorable girl.
Those are the slippers that every child wears in Europe in home, daycare, school.
They are equivalent to a supportive leather shoe but those are much better to wear in a house.
They are comfy, durable and feet never sweat in them.
Those slippers were first designed in Europe over 35 years ago by a orthopedic doctor.
They are a staple for any house shoes in Europe
Those slippers are recommended by every pediatrician in Europe.

Kids slippers with good arch in Canada

House shoes for toddler with arches


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