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Toddler arch support shoes

Toddler arch support shoes
European made since in Europe no flat shoes with zero support is ever produced for children.
Only supportive orthopedic shoes are made since they form and support kids feet.
Those shoes are no exception made out of best leather with proper heel support.
They will not bent in the back when child is walking.
Good arches inside and none sweat soles.
Absolute best shoes that every child should wear as they form and support their feet.
As a result all the kids in Europe have well formed feet and posture.
They wear best shoes from the day they are little till teenagers
We call them orthopedic shoes in Europe and ever child does wear them.
No cheap shoes with zero support made in China are even allowed for sale.
Cheap shoes destroy and deform kids feet and posture.
All pigeon toes, flat feet, ankle pronation is caused with shoes with zero support.
USA sells abundance of cheap shoes from China and that is why kids feet have such feet problems here.
It is the shoes - nothing else.
Good shoes cost money to produce and quality of materials have to be the best - leather and orthopedic soles.
We in Europe do not think of shoes as shoes - NO no - we think orthopedic support, ankle support, proper foot development and best posture support.
It is not money wasted like many parents think.
Quite opposite - best money that you can spent are on good food for a child and good shoes.

Good arch support shoes

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