Toddler sandals with good arch

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Toddler sandals with good arch
Yes, arch support contoured into the sole of the model
Rubber sole never goes flat and that is why arch support is added to the soles
It is a latest technology in Europe practiced by Italians and then whole orthopedic shoe industry followed.
Orthopedic sandals with great arch and heel support.
Ankle is supported in them as well since kids need reinforced ankle support.
They are also great first step sandals for a child since they are supportive and stable for new walkers.
If child has collapsed ankles they are great as well since they feature needed support.
Made out of gray and red leather with hint of black.
Decorated with red stitching.
Easy fit for wide to medium feet
No blisters in those sandals ever as they finished to perfection.
High arch, stable support walkers for a child

Will not sweat in them ever due to anti-sweat soles.
Top quality sandal for a boy
Excellent ankle support, heel support - total orthopedic as it should be for every child.

First step baby sandals with good arches

Orthopedic sandals with great arch and heel support


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