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Top rated orthopedic fuchsia shoes for kids

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Manufacturer Murek

Product Code: Cytryna Pink

  • SKU: 99-854578
  • Top rated orthopedic shoes for kids
    Best snow boots that you can buy for a child - literally.
    Entire line of footwear for kids made in any country in Europe is orthopedic.
    No other shoes are allowed to be manufactured.
    The reason is that footwear for kids have to be certified by European Orthopedic Society.
    Shoes for children are envisioned as foot forming tool.
    That is why best quality needs to be manufactured.
    Did you know that 90% of orthopedic foot problems in kids are caused by cheap shoes with no support.
    They literally destroy kids feet and over time collapse their ankles.
    Shoes type of UGS, Sorel, Crocks, Merels, any other chinese made junk destroys your child's feet.
    Pronation, collapsed ankles, flat feet, ankles turning inwards, supination, bow legs and other issues are caused by CHEAP SHOES.
    Every orthopedic doctor in Europe will tell you that.
    Shoes affect kids feet, posture, knees, body gait and that is why they needs to be the best quality worn at all times.
    Those snow boots are orthopedic as well.
    They are light in weight, lovely color, best orthopedic support,
    Lined with waterproof gortex and wool.
    They assist in proper foot development for kids.
    Winter is cold and crazy long in Europe so they have to make it entire winter and be effective in foot formation.
    They truly are - try them - best snow boots on the market

    Excellent orthopedic arch build into the sole of the boot

    The softest boot you ever held in your hand


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