Special pink shoes for foot problems in chidren

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Special shoes for foot problems in kids
Orthopedic snow boots for kids - yes!
They do manufacture them in Europe since no cheap none special footwear is ever produced in any European country.
Why? Footwear for kids is envisioned as special developmental need for a child
The type of shoes child wears that this how their feet will develop, problem feet are caused by wearing cheap shoes.
That is why we Europeans avoid like plague cheap none orthopedic shoes - we will never buy them for our children.
Simple if they have no heel support, arch support, good leather used and they are not manufactured in Europe - we would never buy them.
Problem develops early in child's life if low quality shoes are worn as child.
There reason is only European manufactured special shoes are truly orthopedic ones.
China does not make orthopedic shoes - they have no clue how to measure the soles, how to prepare the leather, how to fit them it is a problem.
Shoes made in China are not certified by European Ministry of Health thus - not a quality, not foot developmental, not suitable for kids feet - it is a problem.
Those snow boots are made in Europe so they are special ortho certified.
Pink snow boots for kids with high arches for any problem feet.
Best quality soft leather used on those boots.
Fuchsia in color with burgundy side flower.
Lined with waterproof material and lined with thick wool for warmth.
They are best for cold winter and deep snow.
We have a crazy winters in Europe so durability and quality is a key here.
Try them you will be shocked how good they are and how well they held up.

Please those boots are lined with wool so go up a size in them. 

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Special wool boots for problem foot


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