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UGG Like Beige Snow Boots for Kids | Warm for Winter

UGG like warm snow boots for kids
Fun style snow boots, like UGG but different quality all together.
Arches, ankles support and heel support but still fun boot for a child.

Made out of beige faux leather and lined with warm fleece.
Decorated with amazing in look beige/brown fuzzy fur and leather straps.
Close with a side zipper.
They are also ultra light in weight.
Good to wear in a deep snow and cold winter.
Arch with support build into the innersole sole of the boot.
Flexible beige rubber sole with superior traction.
Cute boots for a child but far better then UGG, they will not destroy your kids feet but instead support it and form it in correct way.
Orthopedic best, supportive with an arch added to the sole of the boot.
No flat shoes, boots, or sandals is ever produced in Europe.
Shoes are viewed as developmental need not a fashion statement.
Kids should wear only orthopedic shoes, boots, sandals since their feet and posture develops due to the shoes they wear.
Popular UGG are not orthopedic not supportive and they deform and destroy kids feet.
UGG does not offer ankle support therefore child's ankles begun to collapse and deform over time.
UGG does not provide supportive sole since they are cut with estimation and they are wide so they do not fit average child foot in any way.
When the sole is not profiled in snow boots like UGG kids develop flat feet and pigeon toes in instant.
Just look at images we attached what exactly UGG cause and how they destroy and deform kids feet and posture.
UGG sold in USA are made in China out of lowest quality materials possible.
Even the original Australian ones are not orthopedic and not wise to wear even for adults.
Shoe even for adults have to be supportive and align the foot. UGS do not provide that support, it is quite opposite - they destroy and deform kids feet.
We offering alternative here instead of UGG with orthopedic arch added to the sole that is molded for kids feet.
Good heel support for ankle pronation so child feet will not pronate.
Fleece lining inside for warmth, light in weight and orthopedic that is made in Europe.

Beige snow boots for girls orthopedic with fashion

Beige furry boots for kids


Sara - NY - 06/08/2020

My God where are you finding those shoes! Those are like work of art! Beige, beautiful and matches my daughters coat to perfection. Wool inside is amazing as well. Quality on those boots evident when you see them live. Beautiful, beautiful. My mother bought them as a gift and my kid is happy. I love the support, style and quality - all in one.

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