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Velcro house shoes children
Polish European children slippers for toddlers made with canvas.
Ladybug red slippers for a children baby girl supportive and perfect to wear at any season.
Slippers for children with orthopedic arch support.
Ankle support for proper foot alignment and support that children do need it to prevent pronation.
Red canvas material and decorated with ladybug.
Arch with support build into the innersole of the slipper since no flat slippers are ever produced in Europe.
Child will never sweat in those house shoes due to special innersoles that absorb sweat from kids feet.
Absolute best house shoes for children. 

Slippers for babies with orthopedic arch support

Wide foot best house shoes for kids


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Joyce D. Las Vegas, NV 2013-09-01 12:05:46

Love the arch support in those slippers! This is exactly what little feet need - high back support and orthopedic arch support. I love every other I get from you since you sell only quality -

Lynn - Newark, NJ 2013-02-13 17:30:42

100 stars! Cute as they can be and best quality for little growing feet. They have leather sole inside like in a shoe, now, that is orthopedic quality!

Niki C. from FL 2012-02-25 00:45:36

Best slippers that I ever bought for my baby. Excellent arch support and amazing quality. I will buy them again for sure as soon as my baby will grow out of them.