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Brand: Kopecki

Product Code: Majorka White

White leather ortho summer sandals for kids

White leather summer sandals for kids
Casual or dressy for any outfit with proper ankle and heel support.
White pink and silver leather decorated with flower.
Orthopedic best for kids with excellent ortho support
for proper alignment.
Heel supportive so child will not pronate in them

Alignment for the feet due to reinforced heel presented in the back.
High arches inside added to the soles of the model.
Antibacterial soles inside so child will not sweat in them ever.
Absorbs sweat from kids feet due to best leather used.
Proper orthopedic sandals for a child with actual ankle and foot support.
Shoes form and support kids feet to quality shoe or sandals are a must.
European made genuine shoes for kids are orthopedic
Europeans measure the soles, width, issue proper support that correctly forms kids feet and posture.
Those shoes are recommended by every pediatrician and foot doctor in Europe.
Prevention of any orthopedic problems child will develop due usage of cheap shoes is a key here.
They only need 2 pairs of good shoes per season for rotation.

Good sandals for kids for summer

Casual or dressy for any outfit sandals


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