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High arch boots for boys for wide feet with high instep

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Brands Kopecki

Product Code: Grunwald Blue

  • SKU: 44-78589
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    Flat feet best orthopedic boots
    Wide feet leather high arch boots for boys.
    Proper ankle support, sturdy sole walking boots for child.
    Pronation best support or tip-toe walkers.
    The sole is stiff and sturdy in that style.
    That is needed for developing growing feet.
    They are blue in color with a hint of gray.
    Velcro and zipper.
    Orthopedic arch build into the sole of the boot.
    Invest in European boots for your child.
    It is worth it since 98% of orthopedic problems are caused by low quality shoes made in low cost countries.
    They do not support kids feet in any way, they have opposite effect acutally
    They cause foot deformation and orthopedic problems that you see in kids locally
    Pronation, collapsed ankles. flat feet, pigeon toes - all causes of junk shoes.

    Flat feet best orthopedic boots

    Excellent orthopedic arch build into the sole


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