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Wide width baby gray leather new walking shoes

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Brands Kopecki

Product Code: Cici Gray

  • SKU: 55-7878
  • Wide width baby new walking shoes
    Best for chubby feet with high instep toddler girls
    High arches present shoes for proper foot support.
    Flat foot best walking shoes
    for a baby
    Best shoes for posture development in kids.
    Boots will shape kids feet properly since they are ortho shoes
    Child will have a total comfort wearing those boots
    Feet will not sweat in them due to special soles that do not smell.
    Made out of gray black and white leather.
    Lovely high tops with actual arches inside

    Flat foot best walking shoes for a baby

    Closes with a side velcro baby shoes


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    Janet from Ohio 2018-03-02 17:04:55

    This is one cute and super soft shoe. Perfect for wide, chubby feet. My baby has feet like blocks and I couldn't find any quality wide to extra wide shoes for her. Those worked out great. They have the best leather lining and arch bump that I ever saw in any shoe. They support her feet nicely. I also noticed that her feet never sweat in those shoes. Honestly there is no comparison to any Stride Rite or shoes I can find locally in Ohio. I call this a best buy shoe so far. I will be back for sandals in few months.

    Monica C - Randwick, AU 2017-10-02 18:36:41

    I got those shoes and 2 others and they are wonderful! This was my first order and it will not be the last for sure. Shoes of such quality cost in Australia double in aussie dollars. I used to bought many Italian brands locally in Sydney but the store closed suddenly. I resorted to search on-line and I found that store. Excellent service, shipping was fair and they reply you immediately with any questions or measurements info. They sent me links to wide shoes in correct size. I had bought 3 total and they fit perfect with plenty of growing room left. As soon as I need new shoes I am sure I shop again.

    Nancy D - Washington DC 2013-05-11 03:55:19

    Cute and beautiful shoes. My child wears them daily and they are her favorite shoes by far.

    Lilly - Wyoming, USA 2012-08-22 18:40:05

    Beautiful, sporty shoes for a little girl. They are like silver with turquoise line on the site. Lovely shoes. Quality on them is SUPERIOR! Leather, arch inside, and fit is superior. I decided on this model because my baby has wide chubby feet and I just hate to buy shoes that buldge out on the top of the instep. Those worked out perfectly. I also bought a pair of colorful sandals from some other label that I never heard of and they were wonderful. We wear them everyday. I will be back for Fall shoes for my child since this store specialized in best shoes for kids -----and they truly are the best. Thanks very much, Lilly