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Toddler girls wide feet and high instep sandals

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Brands Kopecki

Product Code: Stokrotka White

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  • Tags:  extra wide kids sandals

    Wide width baby sandals for new walker
    High instep baby shoes for new walkers wide width.
    Best shoes for ankle support.
    High instep best baby sandals imported from Europe made with quality leather and proper ankle support.
    Wide width baby
    sandals proper ankle support
    Pronation preventive best footwear for a child.
    Those high instep sandals wide width with excellent high instep width
    Made out white smooth leather and decorated with white/pink flowers.
    Anti sweat wide width soles for a child.
    Superior quality sandals perfect for hot Summer time.

    Closed back for best heel support.
    Did you know that width is determined by sole that is added to the shoe?
    In Europe they literally visit school or daycare and measure average sole for each size to determine perfect width.
    The best playground, preschool sandals for any baby girl.

    Extra Wide Shoes for Kids

    Babies and toddlers have adorable, pudgy feet with fat pads. Babies are born with flat feet and arch support develops by the age of 18-24 months. Though most children are able to wear our regular or wide width shoes with no problems, some have fabulously large, thick feet that need more room.  We offer wide high instep shoes and sandals for children with wide width toe box and wide soles. Just like those shown above. Contact us for more styles and we can point you to closed toe shoes, boots or sneakers.

    Europe produces wide width high instep shoes in many models and we do sell them very well. If you have tried wide shoes in several brands for your little one and still feel like you are stuffing them onto your child's foot, our lightweight and flexible wide width high instep sandals or shoes might be the solution. Unlike other shoe manufacturers that just scale down adult shoes for kids, European shoes are designed with roomy width and ample volume to encourage a wide, healthy toe splay.

    European made shoes are simply the best for growing and developing feet since they offer proper orthopedic support, ankle support and high arches inside. They are designed for form, support kids feet and restore kids feet to healthy position if they are pronated, flat footed or pigeon toes. Good shoes for a child are a must and in Europe parents and pediatricians take that issue seriously.

    High instep baby shoes for new walkers

    Good arch toddler sandals


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