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Brand: Naturino

Product Code: Storek Blue

Wide width shoes for pigeon toed flat footed teen boy

Wide width shoes for pigeon toed teen boy
Blue sporty shoe leather supportive shoes for an older boy.
Easy velcro close and perfect for wide feet and high instep.
Orthopedic leather shoes for a teen boy and they still made in Europe for older children.
Teen sizes are made by the same orthopedic manufacturer up to size 40 when child usually turns 15 years old.
After that feet are already formed so they turn into adult men shoes.
Those shoes are super for older teen.
They are best for wide feet and high instep.
Great orthopedic arches present and none sweat soles for teens.
Top of the line boys shoes with actual good ankle and leather support.
They look like adult shoes so that is great since boys are opinionated at that age

Orthopedic leather shoes for teen boys blue with velcro closure

Good arch kids shoes with heel support


N.J from Kansas  -  16/06/2020

Seems like a clunky, heavy shoe on the picture but it is soooo not. My son loves them and they are 10 years old approved. Good support, sturdy sole, supportive back, great leather and they do not show dirt. Bought them for Fall/Winter and was amazed how well they hold up. I just ordered size bigger since quality of them is best one I ever came across. They are wide as well so they fit my son extremely well. Thanks,

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