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Baby pigeon toed supportive fix shoes

Leather high tops for a child with best arch and ankle support. 
Yes, they will fix child pigeon toes with usage.
Just remember not to rotate them with local none supportive shoes
Since you will never see any difference in walking
It is due to the fact that cheap shoes with zero support (made in China) destroy kids feet and cause pigeon toes
And good ones with proper orthopedic support form and align kids foot in good position.
Shoes offer support to kids feet give them proper platform to correctly form and develop.
So if you putting low quality shoes on your baby you child will be pigeon toed, pronated and develop collapsed ankles.
Those shoes are made out of
blue and silver patent leather decorated with stars.
Close with zip and sparkly laces optional - truly easy on and off model perfect for Fall or Winter or even Spring since they are universal and well made shoes for a child.

Correction walking boots for a baby girl

Supportive orthopedic high tops for a child


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