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Black leather dress shoes for a boy

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Brands Formentini

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  • SKU: 12-0125
  • Black leather dress shoes for a boy
    Elegant dressy leather tuxedo shoes for any boy.
    Dress leather shoes for boys suit
    Perfect for weeding, Easter, Communion or any other occasion.
    Made in Italy by Formentini.
    They close with side velcro and they are decorated with metal  buckle.
    Velcro is hidden under the buckle.
    Arches present and will not sweat in them
    Dressy, elegant black leather sole.
    Special occasion shoes for boys on sale

    Elegant dressy black leather tuxedo shoes for any boy.

    Italian shoes on sale for boys


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    T.C Alabama 2015-03-19 18:44:51

    Perfect with dressy sole - Sunday's best! Great orthopedic support inside and all leather inside and out. Great price for Italian shoes, cannot even dream of finding such quality shoe locally. I got them for my 8 years old and I just bought two more for 3 and 5 years old. I love those shoes and the price. I been buying shoes from that site as long as I can remember (when my first son was born) and boy they never disappoint. I always search on sale and I always get a great shoe for great price. Your loyal client Ms. Tracy from Alabama

    Ariana from PA 2014-12-07 23:41:44

    This is actually nice dressy shoe for a boy. They do not run big at all. I ordered size 31 to be size 13 and they are 13! It has a dressy sole so it is not soft but they break in nicely after two wears. Inside there is a great arch support and leather on them is really soft and well processed. They close with velcro and they are easy on and off. My son wears them to Church every Sunday and all the Holidays. We owned them since Easter and they are truly great shoes. No scuffs no tears good wear and they still fit. I just got them for my younger son as well since the price is great on them and I can't resist. Yes, they are made in Italy so it is a true deal on those shoes. I highly recommend them for other moms who want quality shoe but not to spent a fortune on dressy shoe.

    Gina E - Somerville 2013-10-15 18:19:31

    They run small so I am glad that I ordered them size bigger. Perfect dressy shoes with dressy sole. They close with a velcro that is hidden under the buckle. Nice shoes for a kid. Great support too....

    Nel D. from Dakota 2012-03-07 16:15:02

    Great dress shoes for a boy. They are made out of nice leather and they have dress leather sole. They close with velcro. My son has wider feet so they worked out great for him. He wears them every Sunday to Church and special occasions.