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Snow boots with wide toe box and arch support for toddlers from Europe. Waterproof and snow proof for a child with warm wool inside.

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Brand: Kopecki

Product Code: Galet Gray

Snow boots with wide toe box and arch support

Boots with wide toe box and arch support
Kids waterproof snow boots with good arch
Made out of gray natural leather and lined with thick wool inside.
Best for wide high instep feet with ultimate support.
They slide easily on foot and toddler will walk great in those wide boots.
Totally snow-proof winter boots with ultimate arch support added to the sole of the style.
Orthopedic wide arch always present in any European boots.
They are never flat since that is a orthopedic requirement set by European Orthopedic Society.
Those boots offer proper support for toddlers feet and form their feet correctly.
All orthopedic walking problems are caused by cheap shoes worn by children.
Feet needs to be supported at all times so they would not turn or collapse.
Toe box is set based on the sole of the model that is for wide and high instep feet.
Shoes form kids feet so imagine if child wears plastic, rubber or some shoes with no support.
When they made in China they always wide and not measured for average toddlers foot.
Shoes needs to be measured to fit correctly when they manufactured.
Soles are measure for wide to narrow feet and it is a standard in Europe.
Their feet will deform over time - it is from cheap shoes, nothing else.
Every European pediatrician and foot doctor will confirm that quality boots as those with proper arch support are best for children foot development.
We do not even allow cheap shoes for sale in Europe.
What is the reason for that?
They destroy kids feet if they are not well made.
USA has a huge business of making orthodics and has almost every child walking around with orthopedic problems.
You can only form and support child's feet with good wide toe box arch support snow boots as those.
Wait till they are adults, then real pain begins that will affect their feet, posture, body
No surgery exists to correct that problem, once feet are destroyed.

Kids waterproof snow boots with good arch

Gray leather waterproof boots for a toddler


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