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Pigeon toe best leather snow boots for boys

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Brands Kopecki

Product Code: Prusak Blue

  • SKU: 66-457856
  • Pigeon toe best leather boots for boys.
    Snow boots for a boy with wool and gortex inside
    The best navy and yellow quality snow boots.
    They slide easily on foot.
    Totally waterproof and snow proof winter boots.
    Orthopedic arch present.
    The boots are lined sheep wool and that keeps the foot warm.
    Flexible blue/yellow rubber sole with superior traction.
    Proper orthopedic and best quality as the child should have.
    Avoid heavy rubber boots, UGS and other garbage imported from China.
    They are horrible for kids feet and in the process they destroying kids feet.
    That is why we Europeans never, ever buy shoes from China - they are walking hazard for kids.
    Every pediatrician and foot doctor in Europe will tell you that -
    Europe has no medical business of selling orthodics for kids - only USA does.
    So we do not first destroy kids feet with cheap shoes and then run to doctor for orthodics.
    People fail to understand that once feet are destroyed then no orthodics will help.
    Some improvement can be made but never full restore.
    No surgery exists to correct the problem either.
    As an adult expect foot pain, posture problems and knee pain.
    It all can be prevented with good orthopedic shoes.

    Snow boots for a boy with wool inside

    Waterproof and snow proof best boys boots


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