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Comfort girls leather sandals with good support

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Brands Kopecki

Product Code: Pomarancz Gray

  • SKU: 4578451258
  • Comfort girls sandals with good support.
    Best for wide feet and high instep
    Heel closure open toes for weak ankles
    Feet are supported with closed back
    that it is sturdy
    Arches are present
    Alivated ankles best support with closed back
    Made out of gray and pink leather.
    High arches and soles that does not sweat
    Best leather used on those shoes so no blisters ever
    Total comfort for child.
    Style of a sandal that every child should wear
    They are truly best orthopedic sandals for child.
    They will correctly form and shape kids foot.
    Avoid Keens, Crocks, and cheap sandals with no support
    They destroying your child's foot
    Money is no saved on shoes, instead is spend on orthodics for kids and doctors visits.
    Orthodics would never restore your kids collapsed feet.
    Only create moderate improvement,
    Good sandals, arched shoes from Europe are a key here.

    Best for wide feet and high instep

    Orthopedic shoes best for daily wear


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