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Sandals for flat footed boys
Special sandals for boys with arches
Arched, ortho closed back sandals for a boy with flat feet.
Stylish, cool sandals for the Summer, with best support
Made out of blue/gray/white smooth leather and hint of mash material.
Good for wide feet and high instep child.
Best sandals from Europe made with natural leather and none sweat soles.
Type of sandal that every child should wear as shoes form kids feet so quality only.
Good shoes 24/7 on your child feet and they end up with well formed feet and good posture.
It is all about the shoes - in Europe it has been confirmed over and over.
Only in USA doctors say it is ok to wear cheap shoes for child.
Absolutely NOT, garbage shoes from China will destroy your kids feet.
If child is flat footed, pronated, ankles turned in - then cheap shoes are the cause.
USA has a huge business of making and selling orthodics for kids,
Foot physical therapy as well - it is all about making money on parents.
Avoid the insanity and invest money in good shoes for a child from the day they start walking till teen years.
You will avoid all the issues with doctors and therapy.
Orthodics will make some improvement to deformed feet but NEVER restore feet to healthy condition.
Thus buy good shoes for child from the day one.

Special sandals for boys with arches

Good arch boys sandals


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Natasha 2016-06-25 15:41:06

Very good and support is there, visible and nice leather on them. Will buy them again for sure. Quality shoes for a boy and made in Europe...not copy cat...chinese many these days sold in USA. I have been a client of this store for 5 years now and they do sell genuine shoes made in Europe.